Friday, July 27, 2012

I Have Been Warned !!! LOL

Morning :0)

Well everyone Nahla Laraiyah has been completed for a few days now. Remember how I mentioned that I would share my baby with my best friend (my sister), well she has taken it to another level ! I have been snapping pics here and there. I just threw a little outfit on her just to take some quick pics of her. She is sooo adorable. My sister Pumpkin has stated that she "wishes I would stop posting pics of her baby" LOL. She is trying to steal her away from me. Like Cherry stated, we share partial custody of her :0)

There is something else I would like to talk about. I have received a few emails pertaining to whether or not I have stopped reborning. "Not", I would never give up something that I enjoy and gives me pleasure !!! I love this art and am just starting to really have fun ! I just really needed to slow down and take a little break, in which we all need from time to time. The Lord has blessed me with some other great changes going in in my life as well so I have been running around preparing for that ! I could not be happier :0) No, I am not expecting at least not via the natural birthing process.LOL

Well, I am still working on my custom Yelina. She is going to be stunning ! I still have my sweet lil Winnie I am dabbling with here and there (sigh). Well here are some pics of my little girl ! We all now how I love chocolate babies so here she is! I also have posted some of her pics on FB.

Good Day All :0)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sharing Nahla Laraiyah :0)

Hey :0)

Yes, I am still putzing around with this little girl ! Still have not put her together yet, but I will soon. I have been a very busy bee, with Talia's birthday and all the other good thing God has blessed me with. I have been working on my custom Yelina and will be posting pics soon. I also have been shopping again ! Nothing new right :0) Well here is a couple of pics of my Nahla Laraiyah. I have decided that I will share her ( emotionally not physically, LOL) with my sister Pumpkin. She is absolutely in love with her !!!!

Have a blessed day !

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wileima Alvarez Headbands for your Babies!!

I have something to share with you guys !!!! My new friend Wileima Alvarez has been gracious enough to let me share pics of her hand-made headbands!!! We became friends on FB when she inquired about a a baby of mine that sold over seas. Please check out her headbands they are beautiful (the pictures below we're taken with Wileima's expert hand). Aside from her stunning headbands, her reborns and photography are absolutely gorgeous too. (I especially love her baby in the Burberry outfit). She is a phenomenal professional photographer. I placed an order for a couple headbands for myself. As you all know I am all for supporting my fellow artist. So please take a look. Here is her website :

Are they not cute or what? Love them!!!!
Good Night :0)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finishing up my Baby :0)

Yes I am still finishing up my little girl and I can't wait to give her a mini photo shoot. She is adorable even before assembling! I can't stop taking pics of her face :0) Still working on her last few touch ups then she will be completely ready. I have a feeling Talia Monae may try to steal her from me. LOL With her 11th birthday being around the corner !!!! I have been uploading a few of her pics on FB here and there. So pleased stay tooned. I have to make a correction! I posted about Nancy's silicone Brittany that she always post pics of and it was Bianca !!! I love that smile, oh how I wish Romie would sculpt a baby with Bianca's smile. She is sooooo adorable! Well that's not what I am getting at now, I am really jealous because now I see Nancy is posting pics of not only Bianca but Brittany and the whole gang!!!!! LOL. ****Sighhhhh***** Well that's enough about little Bianca. Here are a few pics of my Chocolate Chip:


What I am working on :0)

Hi Everybody !!!
Just wanted to drop a few lines ! I just wanted to share what I will be working on over the next few weeks. I am very excited about my new project. Well, here it is I will be working on a custom Yelina by Elisa Marx for one of my favorite repeat customers and good friend of mine. Yelina is a beautiful sculpt, she has cute little lips with a partially opened mouth, in which her new Mommy loves babies with open mouths. You can see her little tongue sticking out so I will have to give her little taste buds. LOL. It has been a long time coming and this Mommy has been patiently waiting for me to finish up my other projects. She is going to love her, she will be a little diva in the making. I will be posting pics so her new Mommy and girls can track her progress. I love Elisa Marx sculpts. When I first started out I painted a biracial Jordy who went to Switzerland ! I will try to dig her picture up :0)  Well here is a picture of Yelina :

I love the detailing on this sculpt, she will be lots of fun  to create !!!!
Later :0)

P.S. Here are a few pics of Paige (Jordy by Elisa Marx). This was a baby I created within my first year of reborning.

Bye !

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Happy Independence Day everybody!!!

OK just a little off topic. I am so jealous of my 17 year old son right now. Why? My son had the honor of attending a free concert down at the Philadelphia Art Museum !!! Surprise guess were Queen Latifa, The Roots, Common, Jonas from The Jonas Brother's, and my all time favorite Lauren Hill. I am most upset that I missed Lauren Hill's performance, I absolutely love her music. I think she is an amazing artist and one of the most beautiful African American woman to date. She has one of the most gorgeous even complexions with her little baby face. Well all I can say is if I had known she would be there I definitely would have attended. Yes, she is in my genre of music category , she is a year older than me!!! LOL. Here are a couple of pics of Lauren :

See, she has a nice toasted nutmeg complexion! Well enough blabbering. Good night :0)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting Organized !

Sweetface Beauties Boutique

O.K. Took a little trip with the hubby to Walmart. He has been complaining about all of my so called "stuff" meaning my precious kits ! I don't know why they are not bothering him. LOL :0) So let me tell you what I am dealing with I am  sure there is someone out there who has more kits than me.  Well, I had to purchase two 55 gallon and a 12 gallon container for my kits and my collection still did not fit ! Sheesh!! He told me to " get it crackin  " with the baby making !!! My 'Lil Potatoe Head" also told me that all he saw was a lot of money sitting around and not to buy anything else. Ha ha like that will ever happen. I did let him know that if anything ever happened to me that I have some sculpts that are worth $$$. So he shut right up !! Well good night all :0)  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Teensie Bit Mia :0)

Sweetface Beauties Boutique

Hi Everybody :0)
Sorry for the long break. I have been taking a much needed break, but not completely! I am always dibble dabbling. Yes, I have worked on my Winnie a little bit. Although I also have been working on a gift  for myself. I am painting a little Chocolate Chip who mimics my own complexion. I love making darker skin toned babies. I never got over sending my Rainer off to Venezuela. I was absolutely in love with her skin tones. Chocolate Chip complexions are always my first choice out of complexion palettes to choose from. I love using very rich, vibrant color mixes to achieve the most realistic skintones. I am a perfectionist at heart and learn something new with each creation (told you guys I have an A-type personality)! Well I will keep plugging along. The baby that I chose to complete for myself is Shyann with Jessica Schenk limbs. I chose Shyann because I love her face and lips. She is one of the most versatile beautiful sculpts that everyone can agree that you have to have at least one in your own personal collection. I have been very envious of Nancy's adorable Bianca silicone by Romie Strydom,  she always post on DF with all her cute pictures and outfits. So I decided to make me my own baby to dress and take pics of. Another baby that I fell in love and absolutely want to get started on right away for myself is Saoirse by Bonnie Brown. Kate Charles has made the most adorable AA version of her and if she was not sold at the NC Doll Show I would have snatched her up for myself!!! Her baby is absolutely gorgeous, but I know she went to a beautiful family friend of mine in Texas :0) I still have alot to do with her (finish her eyebrows, painted hair.....), but I love the way she is turning out! I hope you like her too! Well here is my baby Nahla Laraiyah :

If any one has an extra Saoirse they would like to get rid of I would like to get another one to make a boy along with my girls.

Good Night Everybody :0)