Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Off Today and Startng My Holiday Baby!

Hello :0)

I have chosen my "Holiday Baby" and sticking with it. This baby will be a surprise!! I have been wanting to paint this sculpt for a while now. I can't remember coming across an ethnic or AA version of this baby. I guess that is why I have been itching to create one. I love this baby's facial features and limbs, so dainty. Well I can't give any hints, but she will be a stunner. Oh, I originally was going to paint Poppy by Romie Strydom but I have placed her back on the shelf for now. I absolutely love that sculpt, I have one for me and one for you !LOL. No,  Romie Strydom 'Holiday Baby" this year :0) I will keep you posted, still working on my little boy "Skylar" by Debbie DeGraff.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dakota Blaire on Ebay !

Hi Everyone!

 Dakota Blaire is finally on eBay! I hope you all enjoy looking at her photos :0) I will post a couple more here as well! Here is the link to her auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gorgeous-Reborn-Ethnic-AA-Biracial-Baby-Girl-Winnie-by-Emilie-Jameson-/160906525867?pt=US_Dolls_Bears_Toys&hash=item2576c6bcab

You can also click on my ebay user name link on the right :0)

Nighty Night!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dakota Blaire is Finito!!!!

Good Morning!

I feel like I have not completed a baby in a long, long time! Well, she is finally finished and I love the way she has evolved. I am still working on her shoot! I have changed a few of her outfits, from the original ones that I purchased for her. Either way she is still adorable :0) I hope to have her listed soon :0) Thank you to all the new potential mommies who have been inquiring about adopting one of my little lovies. I promise I will be contacting you soon about your custom order request. Thank you all and have a blessed day :0)

Here are a couple of pics of Dakota Blaire from beginning to end :


 Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sneeky Peeky at Dakota Blaire


Here is a sneek peek of little Dakota Blaire as promised! I have been a busy bee today :0) I still have some work to finish on this lil diva :0) I just wanted to share some pics of her. I love her complexion.  My favorite part of reborning is creating a variety of skintones that is unique for each of my lil bubbies.   I try to paint the most realistic skintones  that are indicative to a real newborns  soft and dewy skin :0) I hope you enjoy what you see. Well here she is:

The Apple of My Eye :0)

 Yes. I am at it again with Nahla Laraiyah. I am in love with her little red boots! I just love this little girl!!!! Just a few updates. Dakota Blaire is almost finished and will be ready soon. She has been a long work in progress. Please stay tuned :0)
Hugs Nisha

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sharing a Spiritual Story

Hi Everybody,

Some times I like to deviate away from my dolly activities if I have something that I feel is important for me to share. Especially if it can help someone else, or just enlighten those who do not know. I would like to share some heart felt information with you guys about a woman with one of the most courageous souls I know. She is so very dear to my heart and will always hold a special place in my life. This woman was my stepmother at one point in my life before her and my father divorce. She is my baby sister's mother, and my father's ex- wife. Although my baby sister and I have different mothers she has been there for me more than my own maternal mother. I would like to share her book with everyone so you can read about her life's journey. All the while dealing with a disease that most people never truly empathize with. Aslo, never being sympathetic with the individuals loved ones or someone we may know who are suffering  alone. Please support her book and read about the trials that she has had to endure while fighting HIV. You will not be able to put her book down once you start it. It is truly an inspiring book. Here is the book cover.

Thanks for stopping by !!