Monday, March 26, 2012

Parker Roze 92 % Complete

Sweetface Beauties Boutique

 I went out of the country for my anniversary and jumped right back in to the mix of things. My dolly habits :0) I am almost done Parker Roze, she will be my Easter baby. I have done a Easter baby since I started reborning. I like making Holiday babies. You will love her outfits!!! She should be ready for her photo shoot by tomorrow or Wednesday ;0) Yeah!!!! I also have my custom Gabriel to share with you.
Chow :0)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WIP Noah by Reva Schick now Parker Roze

Hi ;0)
 This is my baby I showed last week. I have started rooting her and have half of her head done. I used Slumberland yearling to root her. Once I am done rooting her I still have some finishing touches to complete on her paint job. The pics may be alittle dark the sun was setting. She has a caramel complexion. I love this sleeper and her limbs they are nice and chunky :0) Will post more pics when completed.

P.S. I also have my custom baby pics paint job to upload :0)

Prototype Rainer by Romie Strydom

I may have mentioned working on a project over the past several weeks and this was my project :0) I was so floored when Romie contacted me via "DF" after seeing my Bintleigh Noel (Claire) after Thanksgiving. I absolutely love Romie's babies so this was like a wish being granted. I hope you like her she has a a little darker complexion than my Bintleigh but I loved creating her :0) She is adorable! Oh I have a few other updates on my custom Gabriel and my Noah sculpt (both girls) coming soon.