Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ohhhh So in Love with this Lil Peanut!!!!

Hi :0)

I have been soooo waiting to reborn this sculpt!!! I just wanted to share how she is coming along. Still much to do, but I could not wait to post some preliminary pics. As you can see yes, this little one is fair compared to my other lil chocolate chips! I love switching things up from time to time. She will be my little hispanic "bebe". I hope you like her.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Busy Lil Bee!!!


Look who's on my work station now!!! Been dying to get my hands on my Saoirse sculpt by Bonnie Brown :0) I have placed a few base coats on her and started a few base coats on my "Carolina" sculpt by Marita Winters too !!! I love both of these little chickadees. They will be so much fun to create :0) Can't share any details yet ....

Here's a few shots of my two lovies :0)

"Saoirse" by Bonnie Brown

"Carolina" by Marita Winters

I will be posting more pics of Amaya Delaney her auction listing will be soon!!!
Smooches !!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Quick Snap Shots of Amaya Delaney :0)

Hello :0)

I hope everyone is well ! I just wanted to share a few quick pics of this darling lil girl. Lighting has been so blah lately :0( Her shoot may take some time. She still has a few outfits to don for her session. I also have a few other things to share with you guys, but that will be a separate post :0)
Amaya Delaney will be going to ebay once I am finished with her shoot, any one interested please feel free to stay tuned.

Happy Holidays !

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Psst! Over Here!!! Holiday Baby Revealed !!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I have been so busy with work and the holidays, I barely have time for anything else. Just an update on Dakota Blaire, she is on her way to her new family and should be arriving any day!!! She is a very nice Christmas surprise for one lucky lady with gifts for mommy :0)

Well I wanted to share my latest baby with everyone. I have stated before I am a kit hoarder and have collected many oldies but goodies. I like to sit them up on a shelf and bring them down when I am ready to breath life into them. She has been a secret thus far, sooooooo !!!!! She is the retired "Maya" Cradle scuplt by Linda Murray. I have not come across an African American/ Ethnic version of this sculpt so for the past year I have been itching to create her in my own artistic style. I have chosen some very cute and girlie outfits for her :0)

She is not complete yet, I still have to assemble her and add some finishing touches, pluck and add a few hairs...... Well let me know what you think. I find that the unassembled photos of my babies are not true indications of how they will look once completed but its a start. I can't wait to finish her and dress her up :0) he has a full head of beautiful shiny curls and a splendid rich bronzed hazelnut complexion.

Here she is :

Will post pics once she is completed. Lighting was awful today :0(

P.S. I forgot to tell you her name it's Amaya Delaney!