Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sneak Peek and Updates :0)

Buenos Noches!

I hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to share some of my progress pictures of Narvia Dior. Her hair is all rooted. I have some more touch up paint and do dads to do with her :0) I am also waiting for one of her outfits to get here! She is a little lighter than my other babies but I love her complexion ! The sun was setting so the photos are a little dark. Well here she is :

I cant wait tot see her all finished ! The photo shoot is my favorite part :0)
I have some other topics of interest  in which there will be separate entries.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New News !!!! Protoype Narvia Dior :0)


OK, remember how I said I have some more news and would enter a separate entry? Well here it is, I have a prototype to share with you. She is a "Narvia Dior" sculpt by Angela Wilkins of "Cotton Babies Nursery". Her name is so beautiful. This is my surprise baby. I had been keeping it hush hush until I had the prototype in hand. This wonderful lady contacted me last summer about doing her prototype once she completed sculpting and producing her. What a treat! She is one sweet baby. She has full arms , legs, and a full torso. I have already started a few of her base layers. She will be released around the third week in February, so my Samara Licette (Saoirse by Bonnie Brown) may have to sit pretty for a sec. I can't wait to see how Narvia Dior will turn out.

Now, I have a few pics to share. The baby that this sculpt was modeled after is absolutely breathtaking. She is one beautiful little girl. I hope I do her justice. My sculpt will have a little bit darker complexion than Narvia Dior, but still stunning. 

Please excuse the eyeless photo :0)

I just had to add a full picture of this little mommy! 

Thanks to all who participated in the poll. Looks like boy it shall be!!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Look Who I Found :0)

Hello :0)

I am off to day and have done a little of this and a little of that and more shopping!! LOL. So out of control ! Well I have a few things to share with you and one I will post a separate entry. Well I was cleaning a little and doing a little inventory and guess what I found on my third floor baby room? A sculpt that I had started painting a year ago for a contest. Some of you other artist may remember the prototype contest, it was the Paige sculpt by Sandra White. I was really busy and did not have time to finish him or her. This is an adorable preemie sculpt. I could not decide what gender I wanted it to be. I guess I can figure that out once I root the hair. Can't even remember how I came up with this complexion, but I love it. I also have some others on the "later" shelf there is "Laura" by Laura Tuzio Ross, "Jayden" by Claire Taylor, "Gena" by Michelle Fagan and  "Maggie Marie" by Sandy Faber. All waiting patiently :0) Well here's some pics of my little one.

Which ever has the highest percentage will determine the gender based on your vote :0) You can vote in the upper right hand corner under the "Welcome"

Thanks !


Monday, January 14, 2013

Amaya Delaney is on Ebay!!

Just a quick note before I head to work. Amaya Delaney is now on ebay. Please cheer her auction on!!!!
Have a blessed day :0)

Here is the link :

or click on my little giraffe button on the right to take you to her ebay auction.

Stayed blessed.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nauticals and the Spring soon to Come!


Here is my third entry as promised. I just wanted to share what some of my obsessions are..... I love little girls in navy-blue and yellow. I adore anything nautical :0) I just wanted to share a few outfits I have in mind for my girls to come!!! I love browsing until I find the perfect look.
Here are some of the outfits:

I also am deciding between these two outfits for my surprise baby !

I love animal ears on baby outfits, so adorable!!!!

Well that is enough blogging for today. Have a blessed weekend :0)

To you Newbies out there.......

I would like to share something with you new artist out there. I have been contacted many times by new artist on where to start. Here is some advice, I started by using a wonderful company by the name of 'Bountiful Baby". They have some very nice inexpensive, beautiful sculpts and all of the supplies that you would need to start reborning. As I progressed in the art, I also collected my LE sculpts. This was with the hopes of reborning them once I felt comfortable with my skill level, which took me about a year and many babies.

Word to the wise, don't ever give up and don't ever compare your work to someone else's. Everyone picks up this art in their own unique way. Some artists may be phenomenal with rooting and some may be better with achieving various skin tones. Some artist may be better at sculpting than reborning. Some may be great at both, but don't ever put your work down or lose confidence in what you are trying to achieve. Keep trying and trying..... I can honestly admit  if I had given up after my first reborn, I would never have guessed I would still be creating babies now. I look at my talent as a God given gift. I would never and could never claim this blessing as something that I came across on my own.. I believe he works through me with my hands and my visions in this art :0) I did not mean to get to biblical with it, I just wanted to share how I feel about my art. I hope I am helping some of you new artist out there.....

When I first started and I have told this too some of my doll forum friends before. I felt very alone and had many, many questions and to me at the time there were not enough resources. I did a lot of research. I also joined various doll forums where I took classes and learned many new skills as well. I also experimented a lot and I mean a lot !!!!! Some were good and some were bad, that is how I learn by trial and error. I played around so much and used various techniques to try to mimic my own skin tones which was all self taught.

I remember coming across one of the most beautiful AA reborn baby's I had ever seen created to me. It was a "Welcome Back Taylor" sculpt by Tamie Yarie done by "Pipsqueak's Nursery" Angela Mueller. This little beauty was on the magazine cover of Likelike Doll Magazine April/May 2009. Now we are talking about a few years ago, ( and before my reborning time) but I absolutely fell in love with this little girl she did a beautiful job on her. I admired her shadowing technique she used to make her look so realistic. Hence, I started trying that technique on my babies in the beginning of 2011. Here are a few babies I started the process on, they are all adopted babies from that year. This is just to give you an idea of how I am always learning and progressing......

This baby is Riley who I created, she went to a beautiful family in Texas.

This was Dasmaya, a baby who I won a Middle Eastern Baby Contest for. I believe she may have moved to Virginia. I have had quite a few babies who were adopted in Virginia.

I hope this was a little helpful...... All I can suggest is research, trial and error, and join a few forums. There are some very resourceful and talented artists on most of the boards who may be able to also share some of there wisdom as well.

I have one more entry coming up :0)

Good Morning :0)

Hope everyone is well and having a blessed New Year! I just wanted to share a few things. First, my "Saoirse" by Bonnie Brown is coming along beautifully. I guess you all have figured out that I love love creating "Holiday Babies". I hope to have her listed as a Valentine's Day baby and she will steal someones heart when I list her on eBay!!! Her name is Samara Licette.

Onto another topic. I will be listing Amaya Delaney (Maya by Linda Murray sculpt) this Sunday. Sorry guys she is a late Christmas/New Years Eve baby. I just have been very slow in my listing process as of late. She such a sweet little girl with lots and lots of curls :0) So hopefully she will find a new mommy.

My "'Sweet Carolina" sculpt by Marita Winters is also coming along wonderfully. I can't wait to see her finished. She is such a gorgeous sculpt. I fell in love with Kate Charles prototype of this sculpt. Kate did a beautiful job in bringing her to life. I am also a fan of her work and can't wait to meet her at the D.E.D.S show this summer along with a few of my other favorite artist and sculptors. 

Speaking of favorite artist, Marita winters is one of my favorite sculptors as well. I started collecting her LE edition sculpts the first year I started (yes, I am a hoarder). I have a few pics I would like to share of  my "Chicklet" by Marita Winters that I created after a little over a year of reborning. Her name was "Damali" she was one of my favorites oldies. I like to show how I have progressed as an artist.

Here are a few pics:

I believe this little girl resides in Virginia. She was fun to shoot :0)

Well I have a few more topics to discuss, which will be separate entries. There will be some topics for you newbie artist out there, some shopping, and whats on my agenda calendar for the next few months.

Stay tuned!