Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh Wait!! One more :0)

So this is the little guy I wanted to share with you, as stated in my previous post. These are wonderful WIP pics of Jorja Pigotts "Asriel" sculpt. When I saw this baby's face, he instantly had me saying "Awwwhh". I have to have him! The detailing on this baby is a painting dream!! I love everything about him, his eyes, lips, limbs..... Jorja Pigott has done a beautiful job with sculpting him. This was all determined for me before seeing the real Asriel. The likeness is striking ;0) If I cant have the silicone for myself I definitely have to make the vinyl version for myself and one for you! LOL. Take a look at this little handsome fellow:

Thank you Jorja for allowing me to use your pics :0)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shopping Shenanigans!!!

Hey :0)

Although I went through my dolly doldrums , my lil eyeballs were always still shopping for the sweetest little new sculpts! Here check these out, I received my Bella Nae by Sylvia Manning in the mail. I absolutely love her lips! (Correction, Bella Nae is on pre-order. I received Bella by Andrea Arcello, another beautiful sleeper sculpt :0)

Oh and you know I have been waiting with bated breath for "Ruby" by Natali Blick :0) Oh I am so in love with that precious little face! Well here a few pics of them. They were reborned by my fellow artist.

"Bella Nae" by Sylvia Manning

"Ruby" by Natali Blick

Toodles :0)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Silly Little Girl :0) "Cathy" Prototype by Olga Auer!!


Everyone feeling so much better now and out of my funk. I just want to thank all of the other dolly lovers like myself for reaching out to me and expressing to me how much they truly enjoy reading my blog entries and all of my dolly news. A big hug and thank you so much!!!

 Now on to some exciting news :0) We all know how my eyes are always on what new and upcoming kits that are in production and what I need to get my little paws on. Well some of you may remember me blogging a while ago about Olga's WIP "Cathy" and "Adelya" sculpts and me going banana's over their little peek-a-boo tongue's. Well I have news for you I have the 'Cathy" protoype and I love her to pieces. She was just the surprise the good Lord sent to me. Well enough of my nannering, here is a pick of her:

I am so excited about starting her, you will absolutely love her :0)

Smooches :0)

Special Custom WIP "Noah" by Reva Schick


I just wanted to share a couple of these WIP pics of a custom Noah by Reva Schick. This little girl is going to be stunning. I still have a lot more painting and detailing to do along with my other surprise projects, but I was in the sharing mood....
Here she is..

Sigh! I just love Carter's clothes and accessories :0) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jamie D. Project :0)


This little girl has been a long work in progress :0) I have to give Jamie a special thank you for asking me to participate in her New York art exhibit project! I had the opportunity to meet Jamie at DEDS 2013 this past summer. She was the photographer for the awards presentation and the show in general. We both discovered that we happen to live in the same state and work for the same establishment. Talk about coincidences!! Well any hoo I really appreciate all of her patience in waiting for my baby and all of the other participants as well. She is such a sweet person.
Well needless to say I delivered my "Amy" by Sandy Faber now Jasmine Fiona to her personally. She loved her! I can't wait to see her exhibit, with all of the beautiful babies! 

Well here's a little "Peek a Boo" at her. I will be listing her once I receive her back from Jamie's photo shoot and begin my own shoot for her :0) 

 I hope you like her :0) I lovvvvvvve painting lil chocolate chips!!!!