Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quick Peek at "Wai Ling" by Laura Tuzio Ross


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am :0) I just wanted to share a quick pic of this stunning little girl. I have made some more changes since these pics, she is a little darker. She is in the rooting process in which she will have pretty luscious black curls! I always like to take progress photos throughout my painting process so it helps me to make any color corrections or anything else that needs tweaking. I shared these snapshots  few days ago with Laura and she loved her! I can't wait until she is finished, she is soooo pretty even without hair. Also, her wardrobe color is so pretty it will match nicely with her complexion :0) Well here is  snapshot of her. Hope you like her : 0)

Have a blessed day ;0)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Home Sweet Home :0)


I am a little refreshed after taking a three hour nap from my travels. I had a great time at the DEDS Doll Show! I met many Dollfan members and some of my favorite sculptors and silicone doll creators in person like Bonnie Brown, Marita Winters, Lorna Miller Sands, Emily Jameson, Olivia Stone, Joanna Gomes, Julie Molloy, and Claire Taylor. Of course Laura Tuzio Ross I met up with again. I know I missed a few but my head was spinning with all of the beautiful creations around me. I have the silicone bug bad. I really want one now. My friends Chequita and Michelle both had a silicone baby which actually peaked my interest. I also had little glimpses of a silicone Huti baby "Finley" on Dollfan and was actually trying to find a vinyl kit. I found out from Claire at the show that there were never any vinyl Finley's and that she only made 5 silicone "Finleys". Very sweet and encouraging lady by the way. So bummed that I missed out on that little cutie, but guess what Tracy had hers at the show and was kind enough to let drool I mean hold hers.LOL. Claire also had her new silicone William who was absolutely stunning.

Some other great news! I won a few awards at the show and thank you all who voted for me!!! It was truly an honor because I truly was not expecting anything. I entered my Benji by Marita Winters. I am so happy that I attended the show :0) There are so many talented artists that were  there and also won awards. I was so happy just to be a part of it. I also met up with a few artist from PA or the Philadelphia area. I met a wonderful newbie Wendy, she is such a nice lady and can't wait to chat with her.

I also have a new found avenue I would like to try out, but I am not quite ready to disclose that yet. One other topic, my other prototype is on its way from over seas and I can't wait to see!! This is another one of my favorite sculptors as well! I was asked not to show any of the pics until she is ready to release her sculpts ,so I will not give any hints. Well here are a few shots from the show, I really did not have a lot of time to take pics!!!


My awards and trophies:

I will post a separate photo of my Benji!

Good Night :0)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Blasian Prototype "Eleanor" Wai Ling by Laura Tuzio Ross

Hello All!

Been holding it in! I have stated that I have a few prototypes to announce... I will be reborning the gorgeous "Eleanor" by Laura Tuzio Ross!!!!! We all know how I go gah gah over her babies. I actually was about to start a "Melody" before I received Wai Ling. She is one precious little girl! I love her little lips, I hope to take her with me to the doll show (of course unfinished) but just to give everyone an eye full of what is to come :0) Here is my inspiration for my Wai Ling! Striking likeness of this beautiful little girl and superb work of Laura!!!

Bye :0)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

WIP Ethnic AA "Little Miss Sally" Prototype

Hey :0)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! The weather is beautiful. Just wanted to share a few WIP pics of this little girl. Let me just say that Bonnie's sculpting is the "BOMB"! I am so in love with this little girl, down to her gorgeous little earlobes. I love babies who have distinct features and their own little characteristics which make them unique and beautiful. Bonnie has definitely captured the exquisite detailing in this little precious baby :0)Her complexion is a bronzed heavenly topaz with warm vermilion undertones which match beautifully with her pretty hazel eyes. She will have a head full of luxurious black ringlets. Please excuse my lighting its a little dark for her pics. She kind of resembles this little diva with the black hair bow, not in complexion more like her features. I think she is sooooo cute!  Please enjoy! 

P.S. I have someone else to share in a separate blog entry!
Bye ;o)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Busy Bee :0)


Such dreary weather today :0( Well I am a little to busy to let a little rain spoil my day! I know I said it before, I will be finishing up my show babies and getting them organized.I am so excited about getting to meet some of my favorite sculptors and fellow artists! I am also working on adorable little "Miss Sally" and waiting patiently for my mail :0) Have a blessed day everyone :0)

Hugs Nisha

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oh Little Romeo and Livia!


Busy morning on my day off :0) Just wanted to take a few minutes to share a few new on my hot sculpts I had to add to my collection! Starting off with Natali Blicks new little sweetums "Romeo". He is such a precious little guy. He is sitting patiently on my "to-do shelf". Last but not least Gudrun Legler's new little girl Livia. Waiting to pre-order her. The artist have done a beautiful job on both of these sculpts. Here they are:


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One of the Cats is Out of the Bag :0)

Just wanted to post an update on my shenanigans! 

 Bonnie Brown announced who her artists are for her new Sally Prototype on FB. I will be reborning the AA version of this adorable little girl. We all know how I drooled over her Saoirse silicone created by Kris from the Dainty Loft! I love Bonnie's sculpts and go crazy whenever she is going to release new ones. Special thanks to her for this wonderful opportunity :0) I am so excited! When I first laid eyes on her I knew I had to have my hands on her, he he :0) I have big plans for this little girl, I tell ya........Big plans.....

Sigh..... So adorable :0)