Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hey :0)

I hope all of you have enjoyed your summer, the end is quickly approaching!! I have some exciting news to share. I mentioned last month on FB that I was contacted personally by another one of my favorite sculptors to do her toddler prototype and make her one for her personal collection. I had a few apprehensions because I have not tried my hands at toddlers yet, but quickly got over them after I was shown a picture of the lovey. I fell in love at first sight :0) So surprise there will be a toddler prototype by me coming in the fall. I will give you a little hint, she makes the best opened hand sculpts I have come across and her sculpts are absolutely gorgeous. I have one of her limited edition sculpts which I will be making for my personal collection because I only have one of her :0)

I was also contacted to reborn Debbie DeGraaf's new "Chloe" prototype! Another one of my favorite sculptors. This precious girl is such a gorgeous little sleeper and is made of very soft vinyl. She also has opened hands like my little Liam Wyatt who currently resides in Norway (Skylar by Debbie DeGraaf). So that's all I have to share. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Custom WIP Zuri Ami :0)

Its been a while!! Just wanted to share a few pics of this cute little pumpkin :0) She is an "Amy" by Sandy Faber. I love the way she is turning out. Her mommy loves her too! Her new mommy wanted her close to her own complexion. Still working on her detailing and shading....Hope you like her. Good night all :0)