Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just a question ?


Okay this will be the last post for today, I promise :0) This post is for Miss J, you know who you are! I had the opportunity to meet this lovely young lady in person. Love her Mom and Dad too! My dolly friend has suggested that I ask my blog followers which sculpts or babies I should work on next!! Whatcha think?

Does that sound like a good idea? If you would like to participate please post which sculpt you would like to see me do next and a brief reason why. I think it would be fun. The sculpt with the most request will the one one I will complete, as soon as Owen Lucas is listed! I hope this sounds like fun. I am excited!!

Hugs Nisha 

"Owen Francis" Prototype by Laura Tuzio Ross

Okay !

For those of you who did not get to see this little guy in person, here is my "Owen Francis" Prototype now "Owen Lucas" by Laura Tuzio Ross. He has recieved so many compliments and thank you all! I finally have time to share him. He is currently getting rooted and will be going on eBay soon :0)  I hope you like him. I gave him a fairer complexion. I love to mix things up and show my versatility :0)

Here he are some pics of him, pictures do not do him any justice.....

I cannot wait till his hair is finished, he is such a handsome little fella :0) I

Jo'Hanna Camille !

Hi !

I know it has been a little bit. I just want to share a special little girl Jo'hanna Camille a "Camille sculpt by Anne Timmerman. This chunky little girl is so precious ! I love her in this salmon color :0) she will be going home to a very dear friend of mine. Her mommy is very excited to meet her... She was hand rooted with 100% human hair. I have not rooted with human hair in quite some time but it really works for her. I am really pleased with how it turned out :0)

She was made with nothing but love and is as sweet as sugar and spice. I know she will be well taken care of :0) Well here she is please enjoy :0) Here are a few pics of her :

 I just love the color palate I chose for her gear :0)

More to come :0)

Long time!!!! " Madison Lindsey Leigh"

Hi Everyone!

I have so many things I would like to discuss and post so there may be a few separate entries today!
There were quite a few babies who left to go home to their new mommies all within a few weeks of each other :0) Madison Lindsey Leigh, Brooklyn Denae, Charleigh Zariah, and Ezra Emmanuel! Wow that's alot of babies :0) Jo' Hanna Camille will be going home as soon as I get her packed :0)

Here is a little girl I sent to NY, she now lives with her big sister Thandie Chiara Elyse ! Her new mommy loves her new addition to her family. She also wanted her with a lot of hair :0)  "Mommy D" I did not forget about you hair tutorial. You will be getting that as soon as I can get my computer to act right, hopefully by the end of today :0)

Here is a pic of her little girl:

Her love her little fussy face :0)

Well stay tuned more to come............

Other Babies Who Made It Home :0)

Hey :0)

Just wanted to share my other babies who have made it home :0)

Here is Charleigh Zariah moved to Massachusetts :

Ezra Emmanuel has moved to Washington, DC:

Brooklyn Denae has moved to West Virgina :
So excited that all of their mother's were happy with their adoptions :0)