Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trinitee Lux to eBay Tonight!!!!

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Im all finished this little girl's photoshoot! Whoooo!!! Well I gave her a middle name Trinitee Lux :0) I hope you like it. Well she will be listed tonight. Lorna is all ready for her to go. So please cheer her on!!!! She is such  a cutie :0) I love the way she turned out! She is so precious! Here's a few pics for the road:

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Trinitee" Prototype by Lorna Miller-Sands Photoshoot

Sweetface Beauties Boutique

Sorry had no time to blog this week ! Been a very very busy little girl trying to get the bulk of my "Trinitee" photo's done, before I get my "Lil Champ" sculpt in the mail. Well he should be on his way to me as we speak. Ohhhhh! I can't wait to get my hands on him!  I guess what I have needed is a little boy to mix things up a bit. Well enough nannering, I want to share some of my pics of "Trinitee". She is sooo adorable. I hope you like her :0) I love her complexion, she is the same complexion as my living doll, the apple of my eye, the little diva's picture in my header, the sweetest little girl in my whole wide world........ "Talia Monae" (for those who do not know, my 10 yr old daughter) :0) Well enough of the nannering again!!! Really have to get that under control :0)

Here's "Trinitee" :

Well I hope you like her. She will be going to ebay, not quite sure when. But I will link her auction once she is up for all my FB and Blog friends :0) Hopefully my blog design will be finished by then! Thanks Erica for all your time and the patience of a saint!

P.S. I stole this little smiley from Mamacat!!! Hugs

Oh before I forget! I may have mentioned this before but, anyone who purchases a "Trinitee" sculpt will be entered in for a drawing for Lorna Miller- Sands newest silicone baby "Jenysis". She is adorable, I may be able to dig up her "You Tube" video. The winner will be announced at the end of June at the "NC Doll Show"!!!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sweetface Beauties Boutique

Last day of the week for my 45 minutes of cardio and weight sculpting! Have to get those three days in religiously. LOL. Trinitee's rooting is about 96% done. Then there will be touch up painting and highlighting :0)  She is going to be adorable. I have her outfits and accesories all lined up. Outfitting my babies is my favorite thing to do along with shopping. What can I say I am a recovering shopaholic, maybe not recovering but trying to get therapy by using shopping! I know your probably wondering why my blog is changing everyday, just trying to work out the kinks. Well I will be posting some test shots of "Trinitee" soon, so keep a eye out :0).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Morning All !!!! "Lil Champ Protoype" Announcement!!!

Sweetface Beauties Boutique

Getting started early! Forty- five minutes of cardio and weight training :0) Then I am right back to rooting "Trinitee" by Lorna Miller Sands! I have something to share with you, Laura Tuzio Ross contacted me yesterday about reborning her new prototype baby "Lil Champ" from a contest I had entered into. What a dream :0) Laura, as I said again is another one of my toppity top favorite sculptress. I am so excited and honored to be chosen. I can't wait to get my hands on him, hopefully soon. Laura would like a fast turn around time for him and for his complexion to be similar to my adopted Braelyn Rose. I honestly was not going to enter the contest because I did not think I could complete a baby that fast and have him turn out the way I wanted him to. Until a wonderful lady by the name of Susan from one of my favorite dolly spots "DF" contacted me and suggested I enter, with her kind words. So big hugs to you Susan :0) I have not completed a boy in a while which will be fun. I started shopping already, my favorite thing to do. LOL. Oh, please excuse my blog it is still under construction. Hope you like, my favorite colors.

Here's a pic of "Lil Champ":

He is so adorable he remind's me of my Walter sculpt I have tucked away :0)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MIA and working on Lorna Miller Sands "Trinitee" Prototype

Sweetface Beauties Boutique

I know I have not posted in awhile. I was trying to wait until my new blog design was completed. So I could not resist dropping a few lines. First, I have never had to work on a baby in just four weeks, but I must say she has come along beautifully. She is another cutie. I just about have her complexion where I want it :0) Let me tell you I have been slaving to meet this deadline. I like to have enough time to take my photos, I am very neurotic about them. I guess that's my analness (LOL) buzzing about. Secondly, I also sent Parker Roze off to her new Mommy and to meet her big sis London Alaiyah, thanks Ronda :0) I just wanted too share with you another inspiration of mine. Adrie is another one of my top favorite sculptresses along with Laura Tuzio Ross. I have a mean collection of their sculpts along with Romie's kits (absoulutely loveeeeeeee her babies). See how easy I get side tracked ;0)Well enough of that here is one of my next inspirations by Adrie she brought an instant smile to my face. I borrowed this pic from Sandi's website "Jiali" painted by the talented Jennifer Watier of "Incredibabies". I love her work! :

Is she not adorable or what?