Monday, January 6, 2014

Custom "Thandie" by Adrie Stoete now Thandie Chiara Elyse!

Good Morning :0)

Off from work today and painting! I just wanted to share some pics of this sweet little girl. Her new mommy is very excited about her adoption. I hope you enjoy looking at her pics. I love this little girls lips. She was on my to do list before her mommy contacted me, so I guess I was able to reborn her a little sooner.

Have a great day!!! Oh just had to share her color palette, I think these colors will look so adorable with her complexion :0>

Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Sawyer" Prototype by Emily Jameson :0)

Good Evening :0)

Just wanted to take a few moments to share a couple snapshot's of "Lil Boy Sawyer" now Bashir Jaxson. I love his little fussy face, I love reborning baby's with unique expressions just to see how they evolve into beautiful ethnic babies.
Please take a look :0)

So cute :0)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

****CUSTOM ORDER SOLD IN 2014**** So Lovely, Parker Lily Rose :0)

Just wanted to share a few pics of this lovely little girl. She is going home to a beautiful family. I hope you enjoy her pics.I did not have time to take pics of her in all of her new outfits.Here she is:

So Much News to Share :0) New Store!!!

Good Morning!

Brrrrr it's cold outside :0) and Happy New Year !!! 
I have some exciting new, news for you which will result in me starting the New Year off. First I wanted to share that I have a new link button to my store via Store Envy. Please just click on the link to visit the store. I plan on changing the picture later. Just take a peek and see what will be coming, for all of you potential mommies who have been asking :0) Oh here is the store link if you cant find it:

The second topic is I would like to share pictures of a very special little girl. Mommy C is very excited about getting her home to be with her family :0) So I will share some pics of her.

My third topic will be about my new prototype , surprise a boy this time! He is none other than the adorable "Sawyer" by the very talented Emily Jameson. I had the opportunity to meet this sculptor at the 2013 DEDS Doll Show and hold her beautiful little Prototype "Adelynn" reborned by Russian Lullabies. I don't know if everyone remembers when I went bananas over her "Winnie" sculpt now Dakota Blaire. Well this will be a separate post.

In a lil bit ....