Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mia and Anna by Linda Murry :0)

Hi Everybody!!!

I know it has been a while since my last post, but boy did I need a break!
Yes as an artist we all need some down time and I definitely needed it and have been enjoying it too :0) Well I have a few things to discuss. I have been getting numerous inquiries about the babies on my blog. I just need for everyone to know that none of the babies shown on this site to date are available and all have been sold and gone home to their wonderful families. Some babies that are receiving inquiries have been sold for over a year ago and longer. 

Now with that being said I just want to introduce some of the independent projects I have in store! I am so excited! I fell in love with these two little cuties the instant I saw them. Love, love, love their cute little lips and bright eyes :0) I cant wait to get started. There are so many sculpts that I plan on painting I truly do not know where to begin. I have a lot of sculpts to get to!

Dunt dunt dunt duh.....

Mia (toddler) and Anna (infant) :0)

I hope you think they are sweet too!