Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Beauty :0)

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Hello Everybody,

It's been a long week . Sorry for the title, unfortunately my site is still under constrcuction and I have to wait on someone else for the corrections. Well let me start off by introducing another beauty that I stumbled across while surfing the web for new sculpts . She is the Jamina sculpt by Petra Seiffert , she is a big baby / toddler size . I stumbled across her pics on a retailer's site from the states . She was actually reborned by Marie of "La Nurserie de Marie". Marie has graciously allowed me to use her beautiful pics on my blog :0)  Why do I do this? I am often inspired by beautiful works of art . There is nothing wrong with sharing beautiful sculpts in which another artist has created to use as an example of babies that I would like to create into an ethnic or african american baby ( I always get permission first). In saying that Marie has created quite a few baby's prototypes who have caught my eye . I never realized that the work was done by the same artist until I looked at her site . Her work is phenomenal ! Here's her site: . I am all for supporting my peers . I know this artform is a unique talent to each of us, so I embrace all of my fellow artists . Well here are a couple pics, she is stunning :

Isn't she gorgeous ! I love how she turned out for Marie . You know the first thing to catch my eye were her pretty plump lips and her beautiful eyes. I have never really had a desire to create a bigger baby, she is about 24". After I saw her picture while surfing for new sculpts I really wanted her . So guess what?  I am getting this sculpt and she will be my first big girl :0) I actually was thinking about a customer who I had to refer to one of my fellow artist Lisa who creates toddlers with human hair . She would be lovely to create after some of my other projects . This little girl has inspired me to want to create a big girl, not quite ready for a real toddler but yes to a big girl :0)

Nice Chatting :0)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting My Butt in Gear :0)

Sweetface Beauties Boutique


Well, I have been kind of dragging butt a little. I very much needed the break last week. I feel like I have been going, going with all the prototype offers. Oh, I appreciate them and love the opportunities. I just know when I need to rest ;0) So I have been dabbling a little with my lil Winnie. I really wish I had more hands because there are so many beautiful sculpts that I would love to create all at once. I only like devoting my time to one sculpt at a time. So it may take me a while "hehe" to get through all of the ones at the top of my list ! I keep wistfully eyeballing my Poppy sculpt by Romie Strydom. I am so itching to start her. She is probably the most I have ever payed for a sculpt, but I really needed to have her. This sculpt was released right when I painted my very first, very awful, extremely scary  reborn "Tiny Tim". I had him two inches away from the trash can and Nana said "No, don't throw him away, I want him". So off he went to live on Nana's bed scaring everybody to sleep with his prominent drawn on blue veins and pluggy rooted blond hair! At least he had beautiful blue eyes. No one will ever see him :0) Nana, took all the beginner reject babies who were on their way to the trash. Unfortunately, my "Potatoehead" husband took pictures of "Tiny Tim"  and use them as blackmail to make me behave. LOL. Well anyway back to Poppy, I also lucked up and was able to get my hands on a second sculpt which was much cheaper than the first. I plan on making one for myself and one to auction on ebay. Same with my Porscha sculpts love her face too. Oh well, I hope some one had a good laugh tonight.

Night Night