Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Sculpts I Would Like to Paint as African American Baby's

Good Evening!
I just wanted to share two sculpts that I would like to reborn as an African American baby. I actaually have this kit, I just want to sit on it for a few. The first sculpt is Lilli by Brit Klinger, reborned by Andrea's Dream Babies. She did a beautiful job on her. Well here she is:

The second baby is absolutely adorable, she is Clara by Toby Morgan. Between these two babies they instantly brought a smile to my face :0) Hhaaaa! Love at first sight. Here she is :

Well that's it for tonight.  Sweet dreams everyone :0)


Blogger Newbie

Hi All,
I am a Newbie blogger. So please don't laugh. I hated computers in high school. I am getting a little better with them :0) I wanted somewhere to share my Dolly diary I am sooo addicted to this hobby. There are way to many sculpts I would like to create. So I will have to take my time and try them all :0) I also shop way to much for baby clothes and accessories. I have a room dedicated just for my babys photo shoots and all their clothes on my third floor. I am currently working on a project that will be completed soon. So keep a a look out :0) Oh also I know I need to update the pics on my website, which I dread :0( I promise I will display some of new work on there as well.

Well that's it for now. Oh I just wanted to share a pic of a baby that I miss so very much. I almost did not sell her. She lives in Spain now with her new mommy Anais, she loves her very much. Hugs Bintleigh Noel!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Everyone Very New to This

I am Nisha and very new to this blogging thingy :0) I had started this blog in November and never published any of my post.LOL. I just felt like I wanted to reach out and share some of my new adventures and experiences with my new found joy “reborning”. I have only been reborning for two years now (this Februaury 2012), it seems like it has been longer and will continue on. I have always been very anal since a little girl. I think most people that work in the medical profession tend to have “A” type personalities and I recognize it in myself ( not such a great trait and can be very annoying to loved ones).LOL.  I just wanted to add a picture of my new baby Braelyn Rose. She was a lot of fun bringing to life although the vinyl was a challenge. Here she is: