Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Sweet Carolina" by Marita Winters :0)

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This is really becoming a problem. I have already pre- ordered this little cutie. I absolutely love Marita Winter's new sculpt "Sweet Carolina". She is a beautiful little sleeper and I love her lips!!!  I just had to blog about this upcoming sculpt which will be presented at the NC Down East Show that  I will not be able to attend next month ! I am so bummed, I really wanted to go :0( Well I am a fan of Marita's work too ! I have her sculpts stashed as well. By the way if any one has a Maisie they would like to get rid of please contact me  at :  :0) Marita was nice enough to allow me to use her picture from her website, here she is:

Bye Bye

Needed a Break from the Vacation Holiday!!!

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Hello !

I desperately needed a few days just relaxing after the holiday :0)  I love visiting my lil sis but it wears me out traveling . I decided to take a few rest days before I go into work Saturday and Sunday so I completed no dolly stuff earlier this week ! Well I am telling a little fib, I did apply the neutralizing layers to my "Winnie'. I have her outfit being custom made she's gonna be fabulous ! I also want to talk about meeting Laura T. Ross and her staff. I was so excited to meet her ! Laura is such a sweet and beautiful person inside and out. I was truly honored to have finally met her. She has an excellent crew to support her as well. I had a chance to see some of Laura's work and they are beautiful, such a talented lady. I also had a chance to peek at Cherry Allen White's beautiful "Willow (Cymone' )" her baby is acutie, I wanted one really bad :0(  I also had so much fun presenting Michelle and her daughter Asha with their new baby at the Black Doll Show. I love to see my customers surprised and happy faces when they lay eyes on their baby's for the first time. She was being ogled by everyone who passed. Everyone wanted to hold her. Michelle had a hard time getting out of there. LOL. Well I have one other topic to talk about but that will be a separate post.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update on Miles Kanai :0)

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Just a quick update on my lil boog :0) Miles Kanai has reached new Mommy Nicole safely ! She is in love with him. I really miss him :0( I know he will be spoiled in a happy home with a lot of love. I have to create a "Lil Champ" sculpt along with a Melody by Laura Tuzio Ross for myself, definitely little cocoa puff complexions :0)

Gooood Morning !!!!!!

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Hi Everybody,

Isabella Grace will be meeting her new Mommy and big sis today ! I am so excited for them :0) Well I have a very busy day ahead of me...... hope everyone enjoys their holiday and stay blessed ! Here is a few pics of Isabella Grace.

Toodles :0)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yeah !!!! Going to the Black Doll Show Tomorrow :0)

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Going to the Black Doll Show in my home town Philly !! I am so excited, I am literally bouncing off  the walls ;0) I will get to meet Laura T. Ross in person . Also a couple  of my dolly Mommy's will be in attendance as well. Will also be delivering Mommy Michelle and Asha their little girl :0) I hope I don't shop to hard . Talia Monae will be with and will want to empty my pockets. LOL Well have a great Memorial Holiday everyone......
Here's the link :


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Winnie is Home ;o)

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My new project is Winnie :0) Have not started her yet but I took a quick pic of her as a blank slate, so everyone can watch her evolution. She is going to be so much fun ! Just check out all the wrinkkles and creases she has on her palms and the soles of her feet cool right? Can't wait to start her !!!!
Here she is :

Good Night :o)

"LiL Champ" Gone Bye Bye :0(

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So sad :o(  My little guy left me two days ago (tears) . He is on his way to his new Mommy in VA . I really loved that little boog ! Well, on to the next one. I am finishing up my custom that has been a long time coming. Thank you Mommy Michelle for being patient, she will be well worth the wait :0) Oh , Hi Asha ! My Winnie arrived a couple of days ago as well. I am going to love digging into her kit......
I hope everyone has a great holiday, will be visiting my sister Pumpkinhead (just kidding Pumpkin) in Prince George County, MD this weekend with the nephews (badnesses LOL). Here is a sneak peek at Isabella Grace :

See Ya !

Friday, May 18, 2012

Working PM's Tonight :0(

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I won't be blogging much this weekend, I will be working pm's tonight and tomorrow night! At least I have Sunday off or will be sleeping it off and missing church ;0(  Such is life, with working in a industry where care is provided 24 hrs a day. Well Michelle and Asha, your Isabella Grace is coming along beautifully ! I will be ready to root her hair soon :0) Well that's enough for now. No pics today. Oh wait, my favorite other thing to do is shop. So adorable, found this cute little girlie jumper I would like to share:

 Bye all have a great weekend :0)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

O.k O.k One Day at a Time

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I just had to blog about another cutie that I just have to have. Da da Da Dah, Saoirse by Bonnie Brown. I so love this little girls eyeballs. LOL She has the most adorable face. I can't wait to make twins a boy and a girl, I think? Whatever I decide to do, they will be darling. I have never made twins before. I love Bonnie's babies! I have all her recent sculpts tucked away or at least the ones she has made since I started reborning two years ago. Oooh I can't wait, this baby  makes me instantly smile everytime I look at her. The very talented Kristie Carwithen of Dainty Lofts was sweet enough to allow me to use her pics to show you what this little beauty looks like. She has done a marvelous job with her :0) She made me instantly giggle when I laid eyes on her. Kristie let me know that she will be listing her on eBay soon! Please check out her blogsite ( her work is so beautiful. Its so nice making new dolly friends who share the same creative passion and Mommies to be.(Sigh) Well here she is, get your napkins ready for your drool. LOL

Isn't she the cutest little thing? I love her! I have a serious problem, I am so addicted to this dolly stuff.

Nighty Night !

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My New Inspiration

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I just wanted to share something with you! I have way to many kits and not enough hands to create them all at one time. Once I am almost done one baby I am always thinking about what I want to do next. There are so many beautiful sculpts and talented sculptresses, I can't keep up. Well I have come to a conclusion. I know I posted a poll of "What should I do Next", unfortunately there was one baby that I did not include. I do not understand how I could have forgotten about her, but I won't let it happen again. This baby is my new inspiration. I have been oohing and aahing over her for a while. Everytime I see her as someone else's siggy baby, I get a vision. It all may sound silly but I was discussing this inspiration with Emily today. WINNIE BY EMILY JAMESON IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Emily is an extremely talented artist. The detailing of her sculpts is superb, down to each individual crease and wrinkle placed on her babies. I love her work ;0) Another one of my favorite artist! I don't know if anyone else has ever experienced this kind of illuminating urge to create any sculpt. All I know is I want to see this baby as an exquisite African American little girl. I already know what complexion, hair texture, her layette color palette and accessories I want for her. For some of my friends this is what Winnie looks like, these are borrowed pics rom Emily's photobucket album. The two artists did a beautiful job reborning Winnie.

Isn't she gorgeous? Her expressive features look so realistic. You know its coming, I absolutely love those lips!!!!! Lips are the main focal point on a sculpt when I am artistically stimulated. Well all I can say is she is on her way to me as we speak thank you Michelle from DF. Well that's enough for tonight.
Good Night :0)

Progress Pics of Michelle's Custom Baby

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Posting progress pics of Isabella Grace for Mommy Michelle :0) This baby is a custom Noah sculpt by Reva Schick, a replica of my adopted Parker Roze. Her new mommy has been waiting patiently while I finished up my other projects. I still have quite a few steps to go but her base coats and some detailing have already been applied. I have her little girly outfits and accessories all ready lined up for her. Mumsy will love her to pieces. Here she is :

There will be more pics posted to show the rest of her progress. Sweet dreams......

Monday, May 14, 2012

"Lil Champ" Prototype #2 by Laura Tuzio Ross on eBay!

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Well he is finally listed on ebay and I don't want to let him go! I hope you enjoy looking at him :0) I love him to death already!!! I hope he was worth the wait! Here is the link to his auction:

Here are a few pics of him.

Good night all ;o)

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Sweetface Beauties Boutique

Happy Belated Mothe's Day! I hope everyone had a blessed day. I worked hard but had surprises when I returned home from work.  Such a sweet little family (sigh) :0) Sorry about no "Lil Champ" last night to ebay. I was not allowed to go anywhere near my computer last night, Hubby's orders! Sooooo, he will be on ebay tonight. I will post a pic later ;0)


Friday, May 11, 2012

Sneak Peek @ the " Lil Champ"!!

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Sorry guys I  could not resist. Here is a sneak peek :

Smooth lil dude, huh? Whatcha think?


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I hope you all have seen my "Lil Champ". LOL! Such a darling baby. I can't wait to release his pictures. I have not created a boy in a long time. He has been so much fun. I love his outfits and his cute little mohawk. My hubby said he looks like he could be part of our family. I had actually pre-ordered this sculpt before knowing the results of the contest I won. I really would like to recreate this sculpt again as a little chocolate cocoa puff. I fell in love with his adorable little face. I hope you all love him as much as I do! I would like to have his auction up soon :0) Oh, and a thank you to all who voted on my "What sculpt should I do next?" I am still undecided. I took my Nana out to lunch today and she said "What will you do now? You have not done a Shyann in a while." I told her she was absolutely right, I lovvvvve that baby too! Isn't it funny that even my Lil Nana remebers what the name of the dolls are? :0)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Evening All :0)

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The "Lil Champ" is here!!! Well he is all completed and soooo cute! I sent pictures to Laura so she could check him out and she loved him. He is a teenie beanie lil cutie :0) Still working on his photoshoot.
Here's a sneak peek of him:

Isn't he just adorable :0) Huh? Whats that? A real pic! Ok! here he comes..........

He he better right? Just kidding :0) Please stay tuned!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Praise Jesus!!!!

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I truly hope no one will be upset by this entry, but I would also like to take time out to share if it can benefit someone else.I know I have not been blogging lately. This is something very personal, I generally would never even think about posting something like this. Although I am an ICU nurse and help families and patients deal  with sickness and dying everyday when I am at work. It still is very hard for me sometimes to take care of my own needs at times. I have a huge fear of going to the doctors because of what I see everyday. Oh no no no. I'm talking about absolutely loathe going to the doctor!!! Its called Denial!!! Well my Mr Potatoehead (AKA hubby) was having none of that moping around and crying! He got right on the phone and made my doctors appointments and delivered me right on their doorsteps. I thought I felt a lump, my doctor told me that it probably was a cyst. Well needless to say my mammogram and ultrasound were fine. This was my very first mammogram the doctors could not find anything and I stressed myself and the "Potatoehead" out in the meantime. I am doom and gloom and he is so optimistic, we balance each other out. I had my one foot on a banana peel off to Lord knows where and self diagnosing myself . Never the less, because this is what nurses do  I had the radiologist double check a second time and gave her the third degree, she sent me on my way. All I could do was praise Jesus and cry and thank him and cry some more, and when I returned home dropped to my knees and praised him again. To make a long story short I have a few things I am reflecting on. I had no time to think about or be upset about my "Trinintee Prototype" not reaching my reserve price. All I have been focusing on is what is important in my my life which is my beautiful loving and extremely patient husband ( because I know I am a piece of work). My two beautiful children and the rest of my immediate family. I love them so much! So I prayed and continue to pray for all of the women who have gone through that stress and who are battling breast cancer now. My maternal grandmother is battling for her life now, along with one of my young coworkers. So not to be a downer. I am also praying for Laura and her family. Her "Lil Champ" prototype has a very special meaning to me even before my appointment today. Please continue to stay blessed and don't put off going to get checked for anything.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Yay!!! Max by Gudren Legler Sculpts :0)

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Just received my Max sculpts by Gudren Legler in the mail today. I was out of the country for my anniversary when the sculpt was released. When I returned home most sites were all sold out, except for some overseas retailers and Irresistables.  Thankfully Irresistables still had a few left, I would have been heartbroken to miss this cutie. Well I wish I could add him to the poll. LOL. I always buy in two's so I can do a boy and a girl or make one for myself later :0) We shall see!!!

P.S. another beautiful sculpt I forgot to add in the poll is Amelia by Laura Lee Eagles. She is beautiful, I love her lips and the way her limbs are stretching. Yes, I have my grubby lil paws on this one too!! Yeah, so what Im a hoarder and I need help :0)

Good Afternoon Everybody!!!!

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Working hard on my "Lil Champ" prototype. I just wanted to take a quick poll to see what sculpts you would like to see me create next. I have some in mind that I would like to complete. Please to the time to vote. You also can makes any suggestions as well :0)


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Working on "Lil Champ" Prototype by Laura Tuzio Ross

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Well, I am getting my day started early. Have to get that 45 minutes of cardio and weight sculpting in. Then it is jumping right into painting the "Lil Champ". He is adorable! I was looking at my cousin Leah's baby Damian AKA "Mr. Noodle" and thought that he resembled the "Lil Champ" so he will be the muse for my painting on this project. "Mr Noodle" is so cute, I just love his nickname. The other little cutie in the picture is his twin sister Demi AKA "Maggie Moo". Cute nicknames, huh? Well here they are:

My website is currently still under construction. Hopefully my "Custom Order" section will be up and running soon. Thak you for your patience :0)

 See ya later!!!