Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New For 2015 ???

Happy New Year Everyone!

 I had introduced the idea of a "Baby on the Budget" line earlier this year. Well I have decided to open up a few custom order slots for a few little girl's play dolls. There will only be three slots available  Still working on the prices and details. I will keep everyone informed. Hugs and Happy New Year!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Working on a Few Custom Orders :0)

Just wanted to share what I am working on now these days! Currently working on a Shyann sculpt by Aleina Peterson to resemble my own Nylah Laraiyah. This little girl will be moving to the Netherlands. Her mommy was born in Papua, Indonesia and would like for her baby to have dark skin and frizzy curly hair! I cant wait to see her complete! We all know darker babies are one of my favorites to work on :0)

I will also be working on a special little girl who will be moving to South Carolina! She is a "Wei Ling" sculpt by Laura Tuzio Ross! Oh I so love this kit :0) Mommy K is so excited :0) Just waiting on her belly plate to get started :0)

I also will be reborning an Awake Noah for a special mommy in Georgia. Her new mommy has chosen a beautiful name: Lelani SaNai May! So adorable! I love it :0) 

Well better get back to work!

Owen Phillip is on his way Home!!

Good morning!

Owen Phillip the formerly "Owen Francis" Prototype is on his way to his new family in Washington, DC. His new family can't wait to see him! I pray everyone is having a blessed holiday! Many Hugs Nisha

I will show more of his box packing once he gets home to his new mommy! I did not want to spoil her surprise :0)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Zuri Ami Gone Home


So sweet little Zuri Ami has made it home safely to her new mommy with a box full of goodies. For all of the mommies who have adopted from me before all know their babies come home with a lot of wonderful treats for mommy and baby to enjoy! I just wanted to share a few snap shots I took of Lil Zuri Ami in her pink girly going home outfit and silver bangle before being shipped off :0) I also had a few other pics of her in her black and gold outfit! She is definitely is a spoiled little girl.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bouncing Boy on the way.....

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are having a great weekend! I just wanted to share this adorable little boy I am working on until my custom order parts come in for a precious little girl going to the Netherlands :0) I am also waiting patiently for a extremely special package coming from Germany. I have to share later ;0) Please forgive me....

In the mean time I will share this precious little boy "Shamus Wesley" a Gemma sculpt by Donna Rupert. I love him already and he is no where near done. I still have a lot to do on him. I know I don't reborn boys often but I have so many adorable boy clothes that I have to mix it up a little. Have a great evening :0)


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Up Early!!

Good Morning All!

Just been doing a little surfing :0) I wanted to share a few adorable must haves for me :0)


I hope you like , I love them :0)


Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Chloe" Prototype by Debbie De Graaf

Hello :0)

Just wanted to share a pic of this sweet little girl :0) I love Debbie De Graaf's sculpts, this little girl is a limited edition of 400 kits world wide. Pre-orders have already begun. I will add a link for the dealers for you :0)

Have a blessed day :0)

Long Time No See, Huh??

Hi All :0>

Please excuse my absence! Computer has been acting up and have been trying to finish up a few projects and spend time with my family :0) Please forgive me, with all that in tow it has left me unable to blog as much as I would like. I have so many things to share!! One I have one custom baby completed and will be sharing her pics a little later! I also have a prototype to I just finished up and she will be a separate entry, new sculpts I have on pre-order that I plan to reborn, who will be in my personal collection, who will be for sale and in the process of finishing up, my new inspirations, new baby couture....... the list goes on and on. I feel  like I have not been on here for ages!!!

Well first let me share who I will be working on. I fell in love with this baby's full bottom lip and I loved the prototype reborned by Melissa George "Gemma" sculpt by Donna Rupert. I think she is so gorgeous :0) I would love to reborn an AA version of her :0) Here is a pic for an example, the pic is not mine (Melissa George is the artist) :

Getting started :0)
Bye-bye :0)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hey :0)

I hope all of you have enjoyed your summer, the end is quickly approaching!! I have some exciting news to share. I mentioned last month on FB that I was contacted personally by another one of my favorite sculptors to do her toddler prototype and make her one for her personal collection. I had a few apprehensions because I have not tried my hands at toddlers yet, but quickly got over them after I was shown a picture of the lovey. I fell in love at first sight :0) So surprise there will be a toddler prototype by me coming in the fall. I will give you a little hint, she makes the best opened hand sculpts I have come across and her sculpts are absolutely gorgeous. I have one of her limited edition sculpts which I will be making for my personal collection because I only have one of her :0)

I was also contacted to reborn Debbie DeGraaf's new "Chloe" prototype! Another one of my favorite sculptors. This precious girl is such a gorgeous little sleeper and is made of very soft vinyl. She also has opened hands like my little Liam Wyatt who currently resides in Norway (Skylar by Debbie DeGraaf). So that's all I have to share. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Custom WIP Zuri Ami :0)

Its been a while!! Just wanted to share a few pics of this cute little pumpkin :0) She is an "Amy" by Sandy Faber. I love the way she is turning out. Her mommy loves her too! Her new mommy wanted her close to her own complexion. Still working on her detailing and shading....Hope you like her. Good night all :0)

Friday, July 11, 2014

"Owen Francis " Prototype SOLD for $1750 :0)

So :0)

My little guy Owen Francis who is now Owen Phillip, will be moving to the D.C. area! WOW! Do I have a lot of babies from my nursery who have moved to that area... Well this baby is a surprise baby! Can't let the cat out of the bag yet!  This new mommy has had the opportunity to see one of my previous works in person and became a fan of my work :0) 
Thank you so much!!! Owen Phillip's mommy is so excited and I am excited for her. Well time to go night night :0)

Hugs Nisha

Summer Projects!!

OK :0)

I just want to share some news. I will be working on a couple projects this summer. The first project is a custom baby which will be a  lighter version of my Jasmine Fiona ("Amy" by Sandy Faber). I love it when my mommies know which sculpts they want and who the sculptors are! I will show some preliminary photos of her and her wardrobe :0) We all know I love to shop! Her new mommy wanted her eyes side glancing which is one of my fav looks!  She also has chosen her name and I love it. Please meet "Zuri Ami", such a cute name. Here are a few pics :

Here is Zuri Ami's wardrobe:

The second project is a beautiful sculpt that I have been itching to do since I received him:

 My version will actually be a girl of course..... I am so smitten with this sculpt and was kicking myself for not purchasing two!!! That OCD thing kicking in LOL. NO WORRIES, I HAVE FOUND A SPARE AND IT IS ON  ITS WAY! For my boy version, he he :0) Gosh I just love this project baby lips, ooooh cant wait :0) Going to be so lovely. Her name is Harlem Damaris Joi ...

That's all I am giving for now :0)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"Owen Francis" Protoype by Laura Tuzio Ross!!

Morning All!

Been a busy little bee!!! I just want to share a couple sneak peek pics of my Lil Owen!!
He is so precious! He is one of my lighter babies and I absolutely love his complexion :0)
I hope you like him too... He will be going to ebay soon :0) 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just a question ?


Okay this will be the last post for today, I promise :0) This post is for Miss J, you know who you are! I had the opportunity to meet this lovely young lady in person. Love her Mom and Dad too! My dolly friend has suggested that I ask my blog followers which sculpts or babies I should work on next!! Whatcha think?

Does that sound like a good idea? If you would like to participate please post which sculpt you would like to see me do next and a brief reason why. I think it would be fun. The sculpt with the most request will the one one I will complete, as soon as Owen Lucas is listed! I hope this sounds like fun. I am excited!!

Hugs Nisha 

"Owen Francis" Prototype by Laura Tuzio Ross

Okay !

For those of you who did not get to see this little guy in person, here is my "Owen Francis" Prototype now "Owen Lucas" by Laura Tuzio Ross. He has recieved so many compliments and thank you all! I finally have time to share him. He is currently getting rooted and will be going on eBay soon :0)  I hope you like him. I gave him a fairer complexion. I love to mix things up and show my versatility :0)

Here he are some pics of him, pictures do not do him any justice.....

I cannot wait till his hair is finished, he is such a handsome little fella :0) I

Jo'Hanna Camille !

Hi !

I know it has been a little bit. I just want to share a special little girl Jo'hanna Camille a "Camille sculpt by Anne Timmerman. This chunky little girl is so precious ! I love her in this salmon color :0) she will be going home to a very dear friend of mine. Her mommy is very excited to meet her... She was hand rooted with 100% human hair. I have not rooted with human hair in quite some time but it really works for her. I am really pleased with how it turned out :0)

She was made with nothing but love and is as sweet as sugar and spice. I know she will be well taken care of :0) Well here she is please enjoy :0) Here are a few pics of her :

 I just love the color palate I chose for her gear :0)

More to come :0)

Long time!!!! " Madison Lindsey Leigh"

Hi Everyone!

I have so many things I would like to discuss and post so there may be a few separate entries today!
There were quite a few babies who left to go home to their new mommies all within a few weeks of each other :0) Madison Lindsey Leigh, Brooklyn Denae, Charleigh Zariah, and Ezra Emmanuel! Wow that's alot of babies :0) Jo' Hanna Camille will be going home as soon as I get her packed :0)

Here is a little girl I sent to NY, she now lives with her big sister Thandie Chiara Elyse ! Her new mommy loves her new addition to her family. She also wanted her with a lot of hair :0)  "Mommy D" I did not forget about you hair tutorial. You will be getting that as soon as I can get my computer to act right, hopefully by the end of today :0)

Here is a pic of her little girl:

Her love her little fussy face :0)

Well stay tuned more to come............

Other Babies Who Made It Home :0)

Hey :0)

Just wanted to share my other babies who have made it home :0)

Here is Charleigh Zariah moved to Massachusetts :

Ezra Emmanuel has moved to Washington, DC:

Brooklyn Denae has moved to West Virgina :
So excited that all of their mother's were happy with their adoptions :0)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Really Busy!

Hello !

I know I have not posted in a while , but I have been a little busy :0) I just wanted to share a few pics of one of my custom babies. She is a "Sabrina" sculpt by Reva Schick. Her mommy is really good at picking names and I love it. This baby's name is Madison Lindsey Leigh. She will be joining her big sissy Thandie Chiara Elyse :0) Can't wait to see her finished. She does look a little fussy, but I love reborning babies with expressive faces. It shows their little personalities. Well I still have a lot of work to do so don't mind her blotchy complexion. I am also in the middle of neutralizing her skintones .  I just wanted to share her WIP pics.
Happy Mother's Day all!

Mommy also wanted her complexion to be similiar to my "Amaya Delaney" a Maya sculpt by "The Cradle". Here is a side by side comparison.

Good Night......

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ainsly Kristabelle on eBay :0)

Good Morning :0)

I finally have this precious little girl listed! Please check out her auction. Thanks Nisha !

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sweet Dreams :0)

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday I just wanted to share a couple video's of this sweet little girl  "Ainsley Kristabelle" :0) Please take a little peek at the videos. I am using the recorder on my camera so it may not be the best! 

Sweet dreams .....

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter !!

Hi !

I wish everyone a Happy Easter and beautiful weather :0) I just wanted to share a pic of my AA Ethnic Poppy by Romie Strydom now "Lil Miss Ainsley Kristabelle". I have shared some of her pics on FB and have received some very positive feedback. I hope to have her listed soon, she is my Easter baby. I have traditionally had a baby for all of the major holidays and missed out last year preparing for the 2013 doll show . Here is a pic of this pretty little girl.

Stay blessed!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

In the Very Near Future!!!

All just wanted to share my new plans that I have coming :0) Ok so when I left the DEDS 2013 dollshow I knew what I wanted to get into next. I have mentioned it many times on here with subtle hints. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to both Lorna Miller Sands and Claire Taylor about their silicone babies at the show. I have also received some great tips from Laural! I really want one of her beautiful creations to paint as well :0) Well I have decided to try my hand at silicone painting. I initially thought I wanted a silicone kit to paint and purchased a pretty inexpensive kit last year from one of the doll forums that I am a member of. I also have been kicking myself for letting Thirza by Liliane Breedveld slip through my fingers. So enough with the kits! I decided I want a full body silicone for me to reborn myself. I am so excited about this new venture that I had to share :0) There will be two silicone full body sculpts by two different artist. One I will reborn for some lucky new mommy and one for myself! I have always been a kit hoarder and have a couple babies stashed for my own personal collection. So I figured why can't I have my own little one to dress up and take pictures of.
I have all the supplies I need to get started now. The babies will be revealed later, I don't want to give everything away yet!

Ohh and I just have a couple of gorgeous silicones that I have discovered while surfing the web. I think these little girls are silicone! The babies are OOAK sculpts by Eva Helland. Soooo pretty :0)

Candela OOAK by Eva Helland

Elora by Eva Helland OOAK

If these are pics of your baby and you would like them removed please let me know.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail.........


The Easter Bunny will be delivering my Easter baby from a long time coming! This little girl's color palette is yellow and navy blue. I have worked on this baby then put her aside for other projects over the past year and a half. Well she will finally be ready for Easter! Yay :0) She is so precious!!!

Sneak Peek:

Good Night  :0)