Thursday, February 28, 2013

So in Love with this Little Guy !

Hey !!

Always shopping! Well I had to tell you how in love I am with Patrik by Natali Blick. Natali is also one of my favorite sculptors. Patrik is one beautiful scupt. I can't wait to get started on , but he or she  will have to wait in line with the rest of my inspirations. Here is a pic of what the sculpt looks like. I love the lips on this baby :0)

This photo is for the purpose of showing what the sculpt looks like. I am not sure who the artist is, but they have done a beautiful job with him. If this is your work and you would like for me to take it down I will.

Thanks Nisha

Spring is in the Air! New News :0)

Hi Everyone !

Hope everyone is doing well!!! So happy that spring is on it's way :0) I am a spring baby, so all this wintry, rainy, cold weather is hopefully on its way out the door soon !!! Finally starting to wake up from my winter doldrums L.O.L.

O.K enough about weather and on to more exciting news!!! I have begun  Brooklyn Denae's ("Sweet Carolina" by Marita Winters) photoshoot and she is sooooo pretty :0) I want to keep her for myself!!! So what did I do to cure that little bug ? I ordered myself another sculpt from Marita Winters. See I did not realize that "Sweet Carolina" was a limited edition sculpt. So I had to have one for me, don't you see? One for me , one for you. LOL. If you did not get this sculpt she makes an absolutely stunning AA sleeper with her full lips (my favorite feature to paint) and beautifully crafted limbs......

Oh, and she has some very gorgeous spring outfits and accessories to boot! I will give you a hint the color is yellow and white, right on time for the new spring apparel. Although my favorite color is green she will not be donning green, that is for another baby. I know I have stated somewhere that I also love little girls in blue as well, especially navy and white (sailor colors). Saving that for my Poppy sculpt by Romie Strydom (Easter baby to come) !

Please stay tuned I will be showing her pics soon! Ihave posted one pic on FB with her completed  hair!

One more blog entry, please stay tuned :0)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Amaya Delaney Gone Home!


Just a little update :0) That precious little girl Amaya Delaney (Maya by Linda Murray) has reached her new mommy ! Amaya Delaney has joined her new mommy Tee J and her big sissy Trinitee. I love my repeat customers :0) Thank you so much Tee !! Have a blessed evening all. More news to come soon!

Nighty Night

Monday, February 18, 2013

WIP "Sweet Carolina" by Marita Winters now "Brooklyn Denae"

Good Evening :0)

Just wanted to share what I have been working on and share some other news! I am currently working on "Sweet Carolina" by Marita Winters. This is one beautiful sleeper sculpt. I can not wait to see her finished. I hope you love her name. One of my closest girlfriend's named her daughter Brooklyn. I have always loved her name!!! This little beauty will have a head full of black luscious curls. I have some very cute girly outfits for her of course. One of my favorite things is dressing them up and accessorizing!! I will share a few of her pics. I actually have been tossing around the idea of listing a couple of custom listings for her. Please contact me if you are interested. Here are her pics:

Hope you like her! again if you are interested in a custom order please contact me via my "Want to Order a Custom Baby? "

More news to come in separate post.......

Monday, February 4, 2013

Prototype #1 Narvia Dior on Ebay


Just wanted to let everyone know that Narvia Dior has hit the Bay! Please cheer her on, I hope you like her! Angela Wilkins has done a fantastic job sculpting this little girl :0)

Here is her link:


Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Peek-a-Boo Pics of Prototype Narvia Dior

Hi There :0)

Here are some sneak peek pics of Narvia Dior! I am having so much fun with using my daylight effectively for my photo shoot. I have been snapping photos at various times through out the day. I hope that you enjoy looking at her, she is a cutie!!! I am very happy with her complexion :0) This baby has full arms, legs and upper body torso (sorry not anatomically correct) Here is a few photos :


Friday, February 1, 2013

Phewww!!! Hurry......


I just had to let you guys know how I truly almost got sick!!! I'm so busy blogging and finishing up Narvia Dior in my baby lab and almost missed out on purchasing my Sharlamae sculpts!! Yes, sculpts "plural", I can't let this one slip away.... For those of you like me who did not know she was being released today "Nonies Angels Nursery" is all sold out!! I buy all of my Bonnie babies from Gina. Went to click on the Paypal , Pay Now button and they are all gone :0( I really wanted to order from Gina because she has the belly plates and bodies, all Pooh!!! Well anyway I had to quick dash and order from "Irresistables" so if you did not get yours in the US there are still some left..... Correction "Irresistables" is also offering the belly plates. I was in such a rush just to get them purchased, I did not read the full description. LOL.Yayy!!!

Good luck!!! Saved me from an upchuck!! LOL

New Sculpts Alert !!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!

Yes the "little girl" in me is so excited about two new sculpts :0) Both are by two amazing artist. I cant wait to get my hands on these sculpts!! These two little babies are absolutely gorgeous. Well here they are:

This is Sharlamae by Bonnie Brown :

The second sculpt is a little girl done by Alicia Toner, her name is to be announced!

Are they both so gosh darn cute or what!!! Two for me please !!! At this rate I will never get all of my kits done in this lifetime if I keep buying! LOL